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Welcome to NerdFloor Home Improvement!

We have created this wonderful resource of information to help you learn everything there is to know about home improvement. This site and the information found here should help you improve your home and complete DYI projects.

We are located in the Miami – South Florida area and all content that we create is focused on helping the south florida community improve their homes and businesses.

Nerdflood was created to make some of the information in the home improvement industry easier to understand. Isn’t it frustrated when you pick up a book or search the internet to find how to clean your air conditioner coils and when you start reading you are as lost as before you started.

Our aim is to help you digest some of the more technical information by breaking things down and providing visual guides as to how things work.

Categories of Information:

Air Conditioning Repairs and Maintenance – Your air conditioner is one of the most important inventions to those of us that live in Miami. Without a working AC unit, life down here in Florida can be pretty miserable and sometimes even dangerous.

Because staying cool is so important to us, we have devoted a whole section of information as to how to maintain your ac unit in peak condition. We cover things like how to replace a dirty filter, how to clean air conditioner coils, how to save energy and many other things.

We have joined the top south florida air conditioning company to help us write this guides. For more information visit

Here are some tips and suggestions to follow when it comes to taking care of your air conditioner:

Change your filter every three months – One of the biggest complains we hear time and time again is that the air conditioner is not cooling like before or that someone in the house is suffering from allergies. Well, both of these things is probably due to a dirty air conditioner filter.

Its amazing to see how many people don’t know or disregard the fact that the ac filter needs to be changed often. Failure to change your filter can result in a variety of problems, from poor system performance and low air flow, to poor air quality, allergies, damaged systems, and high energy costs.

Clean your Air Conditioner Coils – Air Conditioner coils is where the action happens. What most of us don’t know is that your coils can get extremely dirty, specially if you don’t replace the filter often. Dirty coils can cause condensation and poor system performance. It is important that you call a professional ac repair company in Miami so they can clean the coils for you if you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself. If you think you got some handyman skills, then we have created a step by step guide on how you can do this yourself.

We also cover topics such as swimming pool maintenance and repairs, home equipment installations, and other home improvement subjects.

If there is a specific topic you would like us to cover in the future, simply send us an email and we will add it to our list to be covered in future guides.

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